Writing 614, Digital Rhetorics (Reading/Writing/Culture Across Networks), is a graduate course offered by the Stony Brook University Program in Writing and Rhetoric and cross-listed by the English Department. This course also counts toward the MACT.

How do we define literacy–our own and others’–in a world that is infused with multimodal (defined as multiple modalities including the visual, aural, and interactive) rhetoric? This is a survey course and a workshop; we will explore a very broad range of issues related to the rhetoric of productions in new media, blog about these, and then draw from readings and discussion to produce a final project.. We will explore online networked reading and writing practices, and examine the social, cultural, educational, and ethical dimensions of digital texts. We will also examine identity and representation, including class, race, and gender, in new media spaces…..more

 I am always learning about design and I suspect I will continue to change my ideas about it.