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Steampunk Desktop by Jake von Slatt *CC some rights reserved

This is the course blog for multimodal rhetoric courses (WRT 614 Multimodal Rhetoric and WRT 302 Writing for New Media) instructed by Cynthia Davidson at Stony Brook University, Program in Writing and Rhetoric.


Propaganda and Political Manipulation (Selectivity, Memes and Shitposts)

  This is an excerpt from a chapter of my book, Women’s Voices in the BlueWave Resistance on Twitter: Cruel Optimism (Lexington Books, Rowman and Littlefield, 2023).  I thought this might be interesting or useful for people who are invested in working with political propaganda and memes. The book uses Lauren Berlant’s “cruel optimism” version …

GAI and Me

As we make our way through the semester, the lure of the module on Artificial Intelligence grows, especially for the teachers in the course. I noticed that a few people focused on the article by The Learning Network, “What Students Are Saying About ChatGPT.” I would love to see an update on this article about …